March 2014

Please read this open letter to all our OWOW sisters,

Hello to each and every one of you. Oregon Women of the Word (OWOW) has been holding Biblical conferences for 12 years and it has been one of the truest blessings many of us have experienced in so many ways. We enjoyed growing in the Word of God with each of you and we reveled in the sisterhood created by so many different churches represented in the planning teams. We basked in the warmth created by the unity formed by those of you from so many churches who attended OWOW. Whether you helped to plan or you came and participated in OWOW, we want to thank all of you from the deepest part of our hearts. It was a blessing to serve and be served along with you.

For me personally, I must let you know that I’m experiencing a change of season, which means that I will no longer serve as the Director of OWOW. God is making it clear to me that the opportunity of serving the women of southern Oregon, in this manner, is now finished and I am to move on to the next season of ministry. This brings a great sadness in that I will miss serving each of you as a part of OWOW. But it also brings great joy, as I look forward to the next season our Lord faithfully provides as we walk with Him.

Many of us have been praying for the Lord’s direction. In fact, for a short time, we will leave the door open, should one of you feel anointed to lead OWOW into a fresh direction? If you sense God’s call to serve the women of southern Oregon in this capacity, please contact our website manager (contact information below) no later than June 1st. Short of the Lord re-opening what appears to be the closing of a season, we will remove the website as of July 1st.

We praise the Lord for the many opportunities He gave us to grow in Him as OWOW team members. We trust that He will faithfully meet our needs in the future. Again, above all, I hope you hear my heart and the hearts of the OWOW team members when we say goodbye, because we have valued each and every one of you and have felt it an honor to serve you.

May God truly bless each and every one of you.

Jody Bormuth and the OWOW team

Website manager: Christy Kiltz
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